24–26 June 2021 | ONLINE

AMBERIF VIRTUAL SHOWROOM is an innovative online exhibition project and at the same time a multifunctional digital platform that allows you to keep your business up and running on the Internet: establish new business contacts, present new collections, run auctions, receive orders, have matchmaking meetings, sell products and services.

Next to solutions for trade and transactions, combined into a comprehensive e-commerce module, the AMBERIF VIRTUAL SHOWROOM will also feature an expert knowledge portal on design, marketing trends, artistic and scientific events related to amber and jewellery, presentations of artist profiles and their achievements, results of design competitions, exhibitions and fashion shows. It will also make it possible to hold professional conferences, symposia, courses, training sessions, lectures and presentations at the highest audiovisual standard.

AMBERIF VIRTUAL SHOWROOM—a trade fair and digital platform—has an opportunity to become an important tool to support face-to-face business contacts, not only in the pandemic year 2021 but also as a hybrid supplement to traditional trade fairs in the near future, and an interactive directory of exhibitors that allows you to find business partners throughout the year.

In the last week of June, we will all meet ONLINE at the AMBERIF VIRTUAL SHOWROOM.