TOP AMBER – Amber Smile


The growing continent of Lithuanian exhibitors is an important part of each year’s Amberif and the Amberif Virtual Showroom digital platform. The designs by the Amber Smile company, which is taking part in the exhibition events planned for this year as well, are especially eye-catching. Unique personal accessories and jewellery collections, coordinated with the current clothing fashion trends, make for a particularly original array of products that goes beyond a conventional jewellery products range. A boldly creative image, presence in social media and original product presentation confirm Amber Smile’s intention to create a fresh image for Baltic amber, addressed to Generations Y and Z. We hope that Amber Smile’s pursuit of new consumers in the 20+ age group is a promising direction for development, that it will allow the group of enthusiasts of the sun stone to grow in numbers and rejuvenate the somewhat conservative image of the gem.

Join Amber Smile for a meeting with amber in its inspiring fashion incarnation!