of the Jury of
the 25th International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber
issued on 22 April 2021 in Gdańsk

The Jury:
  • Marta Hryc, Poland
  • Gisbert Stach, Germany
  • Andrzej Szadkowski, Poland
  • Andrea Wagner, Netherlands
Marta Hryc, Poland, was elected the Chairperson of the Jury

At an online session on 22 April 2021, the Jury assessed 273 entries submitted in the Competition with the topic Skarb-Bijou-Schatz-Treasure by 210 artists from 31 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and Unites States.

The Jury awarded the following prizes:

The Grand Prize:
sponsored by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, PLN 10,000:
Ninfa Salerno – Italy / no 123940
The piece fits in with the revival of pictorial script and refers to the emoji. Its strength lies in a simplicity of expression. The way its parts are brought together is conducive to ambiguous interpretation, with hypnotic amber being the key to every one of them. What emotions does it express? Does it make you laugh or does it scare you?

The Amber Prize:
1 kg of amber sponsored by the International Amber Association + an opportunity to have an exhibition at the IAA Gallery
Sława Tchórzewska, Poland / no 260681
The poetic strength of this entry comes from a combination of unexpected materials and forms. It is attractive in its expression and prompts associations with natural growth, as an organic piece. It conceals the amber but also turns it into a source of this primal energy.

The Silver Prize:

1 kg of silver sponsored by the Gdańsk International Fair Co.
Mylene Auquiere, Belgium / no 176050
The entry literally makes amber into a treasure by referring to the practice of wrapping diamonds in paper envelopes. The precision of form shows the artist’s skill in the way she deals with the material. The objects are minimalist in terms of the selection of media, to become very expressive as a result.

The Jury decided to award the following honorary mentions:

Ulrich Reithofer, Germany: no 042021
Humour, artistry, symbolism. The entry is a multidimensional metaphor, which the artist invites us to interpret by taking us on an extraordinary journey. By opening the box, you find a treasure.

Dorota Paruznik, Austria: no 150503
By experimenting with unexpected materials, the artist achieved a graphical, abstract and interesting result. An attempt to bring some sort of order into chaos.

I-Chia Huang, Taiwan, no 097210
The ambiguous beauty of decomposition. A treasure shown in the context of its loss. An intriguing work that illustrates the process of transformation.

The Jury selected 20 further works by the following artists for publication in the digital Amberif Design Award 2021 Catalog and for display at the photographic exhibition:
010177, Sława Tchórzewska, Poland
012679, YUE TANG, China
031980, Katharina Moch, Germany
047822, Monica Bobbi, Belgium
110181, Nele Blanckaert, Belgium
134678, Anna Tessarin, Italy
136213, Roya Mohammad Gholi, Iran
170488, Danuta Czapnik, Poland
171617, Mikołaj Tymoszuk, Poland
193256, Shirin Kazemi, Iran
216014, Rachel Ouizemann, Canada
243516, Kinga Huber, Hungary
250368, Krzysztof Rogowski, Poland
260397, Karolina Legierska, Beata Legierska, Poland
283101, Hanna Kowalska, Poland
503008, Andrzej Jacyszyn, Poland
536119, Michał Fatyga, Poland
681973, Anna Najmajer, Poland
770516, Adriana Lisowska, Poland
777771, Dot Melanin, Germany