DESIGN / GOLD / SILVER: Dorota Cenecka – Gin Atelier


Dorota Cenecka’s works and her Gin Atelier design studio have a signature feature: unique jewellery objects with sculptural references which clearly highlight that they are handmade. The designer’s most important creative achievements include a unique piece, the chain of office dedicated to the Mayor of Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. It is not every day that contemporary jewellery studios are commissioned to make insignia or ceremonial items. The Mayor’s chain is the result of the artist’s collaboration with the sculptor Przemysław Kuś. A recent exhibition by both artists in the historic interiors of Uphagen House, Gdańsk, was also a joint project. The majority of Dorota Cenecka’s artistic portfolio consists of amber jewellery, with its aesthetics evoking the technical canons of Gdańsk-based handicraft and carrying on its historical continuity. The artist is a regular exhibitor at the Amberif Design Gallery, where she presents her premiere collections every year.

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