TOP AMBER: Chilli – Ireneusz Glaza


The brainchild of Ireneusz Glaza, Chilli is one of the youngest companies to make a name for itself on the Gdańsk amber scene. Truly spicy design in perfect workmanship boldly combines jewellery traditions with an unconventional stylistic interpretation. Chilli’s trademark unexpected amber settings—made of gold, often in combination with diamonds—give its jewellery an exclusive character and timeless elegance. A flowing line and clear inspiration with the world of nature are the visible leitmotif of most collections. The company offers both classic jewellery sets: necklace + earrings + ring, and unique jewel creations, made to custom order. The artist is a winner of many awards and honourable mentions, a regular participant in important exhibitions, presentations and fashion shows. His latest achievement is the prestigious Amberif Selection 2020 Award in the Workmanship Excellence category, with its name aptly characterising the creative achievements of the Chilli brand.

Ireneusz Glaza’s original jewellery will be on display in the Top Amber Zone.