NAC Amber design consistently evokes the classic canons of jewellery craft. Resistant to ephemeral changes, unaffected by seasonal fashions, this timeless jewellery attracts the attention of demanding customers around the world.
Another important distinguishing feature of the NAC brand collections is the pursuit of perfection in functional solutions and quality of workmanship to match the standards of global jewellery brands. The Amberif Selection Grand Prix, a prestigious prize awarded by Poland’s Minister of Economic Development at Amberif 2020, is a confirmation of the efforts of the company’s owner Marcin Wesołowski and his unyielding consistency at work. The winning “Nature is Treasure” pendant drew the attention of the judges with its novel amber setting, while the artist himself, receiving the award during the ceremony at Artus’ Court, emphasised his ties to Gdańsk and the importance of Baltic amber in his professional career, as a material inseparable from the place, its material culture and the historical heritage of many generations of amber artisans.

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