Amberif Design Award 2021

We are honoured to announce AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD 2021
25. International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber

The goal and the objective of the Competition is to promote amber as a source of artistic expression.
The competition´s aim is the design of an original, artistic piece of jewellery with amber, inspired by the topic of this year.

Skarb – Bijou – Schatz - Treasure

Especially today we know it best how precious our loved ones are. We are heart to heart with our dearest persons especially in threatening times. Our jewellery accompanies us, – also a kind of treasure directly on our skin. We use the same words to address our beloved ones and to talk about our jewellery. Amber jewellery comes from the nature directly and is warm on our skin. Amber brings this warmness so lightly which does us good. In the same time it unites other healing properties in it as well. In Poland jewellery is called “skarb” which is also an endearing name for our favourites. In France “bijou” is a precious object to wear on the body. And “bijoux” are our soulmates who make our life precious. The “Schatz” in Germany sits on our sofa and we share ideas, hopes and emotions. In the same time the “Schatz” is an object worn to embellish our bodies. How ambiguous is the “treasure” in English spoken cultures. We want to hide away the treasure jealously from the others´ eyes. Yet we walk down the streets hand in hand with our sweetheart and treasure. Jointly with our beloved, we enjoy life and wear jewellery. Jewellery, love and life belong to each other – let´s celebrate it all together!

curator: Barbara Schmidt

The Prizes:
The Main Prize, awarded by the Mayor of Gdańsk: PLN 10,000 gross

Joint Prizes:
The Amber Prize awarded by the International Amber Association - 1 kg of amber + possibility of an exhibition at the Gallery of the International Amber Association
The Silver Prize - 1 kg of silver

Regulations for the participants (pdf)

Deadline for entries: 15.04.2021