Amberif Design Award 2021

Skarb – Treasure – Bijou - Schatz

Jewellery often is a gift of love. If it is the grandparents who cherish their grandchildren and want to crystalize their love into a tangible piece of memory. If it is friends who highlight their shared moments with a piece to represent their mutual understanding. Or let it be lovers who reveal their feelings to their world by wearing a presented necklace or a ring.

In many languages we use the same word if we talk about our loved ones or about our jewellery. In present times we come down to what really matters: The persons closest to us. With its warm colours and soft expression amber seems to be the perfect medium to translate our love into something that lasts. It becomes a treasure by the artistic way how it is made. And it becomes so special because we received the piece from our treasure.

The Amberif Fair was postponed – due to our global situation - but the competition was kept up bravely. And the publisher`s courage was rewarded with overwhelming response. For the 25th edition of the prize the circumstances could not be more memorable. A new record of participation has been set! 210 artists living in 31 countries applied for being a part of the shortlist in the competition`s catalogue and to win one of the three prestigious prizes generously provided by the City of Gdansk and the International Amber Association. Considering the broad spectrum of applications, without any doubt we can say that there is one extra winner: creativity!

The international jury opened up a vivid discussion of how to reflect the subject of preciousness and emotion within jewellery under the current conditions. The organisers transformed the process in online modus. Thus, the international jurors took their pre-selection and discussed the shortlists intensely on a second day. Coming from various backgrounds - education, history of art, arts - the experts came to united decisions about quality. They awarded the three prizes to outstanding pieces and honoured three artists to recognise and highlight their efforts.

Barbara Schmidt, April 2021


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