Zones 2020

Based on the assumption that “for things to remain the same, things will have to change,” we have significantly rearranged the exhibition space in hall A, known as the Amber Hall. A special Top Amber Zone has been established in its centre, where 25 largest and most recognised amber companies have located their stands. The new layout of the aisles, the increased footprint of stands and their custom-made furnishings, alongside the participation of exhibitors in promotional activities, have a clear quality-oriented objective. We believe that, owing to the increased functional and stylistic standards, and a concentration of products with excellent craftsmanship and innovative design in one place, we will facilitate the building of the shared Baltic Amber brand, which will benefit all Amberif exhibitors, while the Top Amber Zone exercises its power to attract more exhibitors.

The discussion about a well-addressed promotion of amber, as an original jewellery material with many symbolic meanings, is constantly ongoing. High quality is the most important argument in this strategy so we try to single out, systematise and promote such amber products—also through a thematic arrangement of areas in the exhibition space, in the hope that buyers from all over the world will keep coming to Gdańsk for unique amber jewellery.

We expect that the joint effort of the organisers and the Top Amber Zone exhibitors will gain the approval of the customers who look for collections that meet top quality requirements and will also become a recognisable signifier of the World Capital of Amber.

More than half of Amberif’s 240 exhibitors are manufacturers of original silver and gold jewellery, gemstone jewellery, watches and fashion accessories. There are also leading importers and representatives of the most important jewellery production centres in the world: Italy, Turkey, Germany and the Far East, which makes that the Gdańsk show one of the largest and most important industry events in Central and Eastern Europe.

Amberif stands out with the significant presence of Polish silver jewellery manufacturers, whose products are remarkably diverse in terms of design and the skilful combination of serial production technologies with the manual work of qualified artisans that continues to be appreciated and practised in Poland. Jewellery from Poland is also characteristically made in short series and delivered in a fast supply chain. Here you will definitely find out what Polish Silver is all about.

As a welcome complement, Amberif has gold jewellery exhibitors who offer both exclusive high-end collections and basic jewellery products: wedding rings and chains. With such a diverse offer, jewellery storeowners can comprehensively purchase original jewellery products in every market segment.

Amberif is also Poland’s largest overview of equipment, tools, jewellery findings and components, raw materials and materials for jewellery production, with certified diamonds and gemstones from around the world completing the product offer. In a specially dedicated area, the major global producers and Polish manufacturers present the latest solutions in digital prototyping, 3D printing, advanced CAD/CAM technologies and specialised jewellery design software.

The Design Gallery is an especially important area of Amberif. This year, we have decided to make it even more prominent by arranging the exhibition space in an eye-catching way. Original jewellery is one of the most recognisable top export products of Polish creative industries. The remarkably diverse offer from over 50 designers will always let you find extraordinary and unique pieces that go beyond the routine of jewellery stores.

Amberif also seeks to inspire the youngest generation of designers, to look for young talents and support their trade show debuts in the hope that their presence at Amberif will not only become the first step in their artistic careers but also lead to their commercial success. Every year, the Design Gallery hosts several artists who show their start-up collections at our venue and we are glad that we can help them establish their first contacts (and contracts).

The Design Gallery also features exhibitions from art schools and universities which include jewellery design or goldsmith education in their curricula. Presentations of end-of-term and graduation projects are always a refreshing impulse showing the direction for the evolution of contemporary jewellery art. We believe that the students and graduates of the Academies of Fine Arts in Łódź, Gdańsk and Wrocław will include future makers of unique jewellery and designers who work more and more effectively with the jewellery industry.

You are also welcome to visit the exhibition of the Legnica Art Gallery, an important centre which documents goldsmith art, the stand of the STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, representatives of trade press and specialised websites, and to take part in direct meetings and inspiring conversations with artists, designers and makers of extraordinary original collections.