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For four days of March, the amber world will again revolve, as it does each year, around Amberif Gdańsk. Here business meets art, creative ideas are born, the latest trends and technologies in jewellery design are presented. The event annually attracts ca. 6,000 buyers from over 50 countries.

The Amberif International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones is the world’s most important amber exhibition and Central & Eastern Europe’s largest jewellery-related event. This year, products will be showcased by 470 exhibitors from 21 countries: manufacturers of jewellery with amber, coloured gemstones, pearls and diamonds, importers of watches, gold and silver jewellery, manufacturers and importers of machines, tools and jewellery technologies. The Designers’ Gallery is a special place at the show, with artists displaying their work: fresh, experimenting with materials and unexpected in its daring associations.

A new feature at this year’s Amberif, the Italian Pavilion will host 18 exhibitors from Sicily and the Region of Campania, including Naples, famous for its jewellery district, and Torre del Greco, world-renowned for the manufacture of coral products. The Italian jewellers, as befits the European leader in jewellery production, will present the latest trends in jewellery-making and design.

Amberif: more than just a trade show

Amberif is a venue not only for business but also for science and culture. Therefore, an abundant education and art agenda has been prepared with the needs of various groups of visitors and exhibitors in mind. It is mainly to scientists, but also to all those who follow the development of interdisciplinary amber research, that the 26th Amber Seminar on Baltic amber (succinite): an intriguing resin is addressed. Fans of coloured gemstones should not miss a seminar brought to you by the HRD Diamond High Council, Antwerp, in partnership with the SRJ Association of Jewellery Experts, which will be dedicated to new certification of lab-created diamonds. The lecture will be delivered by the international diamond valuation expert Wouter Vansteelant.

Amberif will feature two book launches: Trend BOOK 2019 by Prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski, which systematises new trends and motifs in jewellery and design, and Rozmowy o designie [Conversations on Polish Design] inspired by Maria Magdalena Kwiatkiewicz, co-owner of the YES Biżuteria jewellery company. Both book launches will be accompanied by exhibitions.

A remarkable event on the Amberif agenda is an exhibition of the work of Janusz Wosik, a highly regarded though little known artist, as a way to commemorate his life in jewellery. The Gdańsk Amber Museum undertook the task of collecting his art scattered across the world. The exhibition will showcase over 30 items by the artist, who died last year.

Who has already “seized” their opportunity?

A special Amberif exhibition will feature the work of the winners in the 23rd Amberif Design Award International Amber Jewellery Design Competition. This year, the Award’s Curator, Barbara Schmidt of the Academy of Art and Design Munich, put forward the theme of Kairos, inviting the participants to recognise the right moment and quickly take their chance. The Jury was chaired by Dr Christianne Weber-Stöber, General Manager of the German Association for Goldsmith Art. The remarkable opportunity of “seizing” their chance was taken this year by as many as 147 artists from 28 countries. “As you can see, the admiration for amber is reaching wide circles and is an interesting inspiration for artists,” Barbara Schmidt summed up. It is the first edition in which there are no Polish designers among top award winners. It looks like artists from beyond Poland seem to understand amber’s soul better and better! The Main Prize, sponsored by the Mayor of Gdańsk, went to Alberto Dávila Quesada, Mexico; the Amber Prize, sponsored by the International Amber Association, to Martin Radt, Germany; the Silver Prize to Laurent Brune, Germany.

The beauty of Baltic amber and the artistry of the makers are also promoted in other prestigious competitions, with the winners soon to be announced at Amberif:

  • The Bogdan Mirowski Mercurius Gedanensis Award (Design and Workmanship Excellence categories)—competition for Amberif exhibitors
  • Amber Handicraft—an open competition addressed to jewellers and young jewellery craft trainees, organised by the Pomeranian Skilled Craft Chamber of SMEs
  • The Amber Sphere—The Łódź Academy of Fine Arts, Jewellery Department Students Award for the Best Jewellery Design at Amberif.

At Amberif, we will also find out the Amber Personality of the Year 2018. The title is awarded by the International Amber Association to a person who, through their activities, has contributed greatly to promoting Baltic amber and popularising the knowledge about it.

Jewellery and fashion: a perfect symbiosis

Jewellery always goes hand in hand with fashion! This is why the Amberif opening ceremony (Wednesday, 20 March) will feature the remarkable Amber in Fashion show. It will be doubly amber-themed: the public at the AMBEREXPO lobby will be able to appreciate amber not only in contemporary jewellery but also outside the window, in the breathtaking amber-inspired football stadium! We will see the following collections: LA VIA DELL’ AMBRA by Dorota Gulbierz (jewellery) and Jola Słoma & Mirek Trymbulak (fashion), and CLASSIC with jewellery by Pecunia FORGET-me-NOT and fashion by Michał Starost’s Michael Agnes.

The Amber in Fashion show will be a teaser for what will happen two days later: Amberif will culminate in the Gdańsk Amber Look Gala (Friday, 22 March). That night, the spectators at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre will view original collections from fashion designers and jewellery makers: Danka Czapnik & Katarzyna Konieczka; Marcin Bogusław & Marcel Iwański; Sława Tchórzewska & Patryk Wojciechowski; Ireneusz Glaza & Paweł Węgrzyn; Dorota Cenecka & Dominika Czarnecka; Danuta Kruczkowska & Larysa Knap; A2 Anna Węsierska & Olga Ziemann.

“This year’s collections will be modern, dynamic, avant-garde and awe-inspiring. From street fashion, through installations to evening wear. All this to inspire a love for amber in the young generation,” says Michał Starost, GDAŃSK AMBER LOOK’s Artistic Director. The inspirations, as always, will be diverse, but with one common denominator: amber and design.

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dates: 20-22 March, 10:00-18:00 | 23 March, 10:00-16:00

venue: AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, Żaglowa 11, Gdańsk, Poland

organised by: MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.

project director: Ewa Rachoń | | tel. +48 58 55 49 134

honorary auspices: Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Pomorskie Voivod, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodship, Mayor of Gdańsk

partners: SRJ Association of Jewellery Experts, IAA International Amber Association, Pomeranian Skilled Craft Chamber of SMEs, STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, KIGB Polish Chamber of Amber Commerce, PTGEM Polish Gemmological Society