Amberif Design Award 2019

We are honoured to announce

23. International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber

The goal and the objective of the Competition is to promote amber as a source of artistic expression.
The competition´s aim is the design of an original, artistic piece of jewellery with amber, inspired by the topic of this year.


Recognise the right moment and quickly take a chance! Do not be afraid or hesitate to seize your opportunity! Give wings to your idea and the perfect answer will fall into your hands!

Ancient Pythagoreans thought Kairos to be one of the most fundamental laws of the universe, bringing together its dualistic features. By following them, time offers Kairos quality moments of chance, luck and opportunity. Thus, Kairos dictates that what needs to be said must be said at the right time.

To use Amber to express Kairos is only natural. At the right moment, Kairos was essential to encapsulate the insect, to embed it in time and patiently wait. At the right moment, we discover Amber fully blossomed in the maturity of its remarkable colours.

Amberif invites international jewellery artists to share their ideas about Kairos via their statement pieces. Seize your Kairos, take your chance and do not let the moment pass unused. An international Jury is looking forward to your idea of Kairos.

Barbara Schmidt
curator of the contest


I. General Provisions
  1. The provisions of these Regulations (hereunder referred to as the Regulations) apply to the Participants in the AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD Competition (hereunder referred to as the Competition), organised by Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie SA (MTG SA) as part of the AMBERIF 2019 International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones, hereunder referred to as AMBERIF.
  2. The aim of the Competition is to promote amber as a means of artistic expression.
  3. The Competition’s subject is a jewellery design (hereunder an Entry) in which amber plays a significant role.
  4. Only natural amber is permitted to be used in Entries. However, Participants have a complete freedom of choosing the other materials. The Regulations include the following integral parts:
    • a. Competition Entry Form
    • b. A statement from the Participant that he/she has produced the Entries him/herself and holds the copyrights to the submitted Entries, as construed by the copyright law.
    • c. A statement from the Participant that the submitted Entry was not showcased or received any awards before.
    • d. A statement from the Participant giving MTG SA the right to make use of the submitted Entry for promotion, documentation and marketing purposes.
II. Terms and Conditions of Participation
  1. Participants—the Competition is open to all designers, artists and craftspeople. Designer and manufacturing teams are allowed, with no member of any team permitted to participate in the Competition individually at the same time. Entries shall be entered only under the participant’s own name or the name of the designer team, while the name of the designer must always be provided.
  2. Participation in the Competition is free of charge; the preparation and delivery of the entries shall be at the Competition Participant’s expense and risk. The organiser shall not return the entries submitted to the Competition. The entries may be returned at individual request, but only at the Participant’s expense and risk.
  3. Presentation of Entries—only (2D) presentations shall be accepted, in the form of a design executed in any graphic technique: drawing, rendering, visualisation or photographs of a finished prototype or model. Each Entry should be submitted in the form of a single 30 x 30 cm panel. If the Competition Participant considers it essential for the clarity of the Entry, he/she may present an additional panel of the same dimensions to explain the details of the design or how it works. The additional panels shall not be presented at AMBERIF 2019 or published in the directory. Any explanatory texts (provided that they are necessary to correctly interpret the creator’s intentions) are to be written in English. Each panel must be legibly marked with a 6-digit entry code written in its bottom right-hand corner (the use of six identical digits is not allowed). The entry panels must not contain any information or distinguishing marks which might allow the Entry’s creator or place of origin to be identified. Entries which contain such information shall be disqualified. A completed Entry Form must be enclosed with the Entry, placed in a sealed envelope on which the 6-digit entry code is written in a legible manner. Entries submitted in a different form than a 2D presentation shall be disqualified and shall not be returned. You can also submit an Entry Form online at
  4. Number of Competition Entries | Each Participant may submit a maximum of two Entries. A single entry is understood as a single object or set of objects. Each Entry should be assigned with a unique 6-digit code. Should more entries be submitted, the Participant shall be disqualified.
  5. The original of the Entry Form with the Entry, including the statements referred to in clause I.4.b., c. and d. above, should be sent to the MTG SA registered office by 1 February 2019, labelled AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD.
  6. Competition Entries should be delivered in protective packaging to rule out any damage to the designs.
  7. The submission of the Entry Form and the delivery of the Entries shall be tantamount to the acceptance of the terms of the Competition and its Regulations.
  8. It is possible to submit the Entries also in an electronic format (a tiff or jpg file, 300 dpi) to
  9. It is possible to complete the Entry Form in an electronic format.
  10. The winning Entries and other Entries qualified by the Jury will be showcased at an exhibition during AMBERIF 2019. MTG SA reserves the right to showcase the Entries at other exhibitions.
  11. The winning Entries, other Entries qualified by the Jury and a list of all the Competition Participants will be published in the AMBERIF 2019 Exhibitor Directory.
  12. The announcement of the results and the award presentation ceremony will take place at AMBERIF 2019.
  13. The Entries submitted to the Competition are not permitted to have been previously showcased or to have received any awards in other competitions.
  14. Assessment criteria—the Jury shall consider the following:
    • original interpretation of the topic
    • functional and stylistic assets of the designs
    • innovative use of amber
  15. Competition Jury and Curator: Competition Entries shall be assessed by an international Jury appointed by MTG SA; the Competition Curator is Barbara Schmidt, lecturer of the Design Academy at the Department of Crafts of Upper Bavaria and Munich. The Curator shall not participate in the Jury’s work. The meeting of the Jury will be held on 9 February 2019 at the MTG SA registered office. The Entries shall be assessed on an anonymous basis (the Jury will not know who made the entries before the verdict is announced)
  16. The Prizes:
    • The Main Prize, awarded by the Mayor of Gdańsk: PLN 10,000 gross Joint prizes:
    • The Amber Prize awarded by the International Amber Association—1 kg of amber The Silver Prize—1 kg of silver
  17. If the winner is a natural person, a money prize of 11,11% of the gross value of the in-kind prize will be awarded alongside the in-kind prize MTG SA shall subtract a 10% flat rate income tax from the gross value of the money prize and pay it to the relevant Tax Office. Entities other than those indicated in 17. shall settle the income tax due on the award themselves, based on a statement of the value of the award issued on request by MTG SA.
  18. The Jury shall award the Prizes and qualify the Entries for publication in the AMBERIF 2019 Exhibitor Directory and for presentation at an exhibition during AMBERIF—up to 24 designs. The Jury’s decision is final and shall not be subject to verification. No appeals against the Jury’s decision shall be accepted.
  19. MTG SA reserves the right to cancel the Competition.
MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.