Amberif Design Award 2019


To recognise the right moment and quickly take the chance is an important strength we all need. We should not to be afraid or hesitate to seize an appropriate opportunity.
Kairos offers such quality moments of chance, luck and opportunity. Kairos enables us to say what needs to be said at the right time.

The Amber Fair and their organisers offered such a Kairos moment for artists and designers within the amber contest. A new record of participation is set by the 117 artists from 28 countries who applied for being mentioned in the catalogue’s shortlist and to win one of the prestigious prizes.

An international jury opened up a vivid discussion of how to reflect Kairos within contemporary jewellery. Coming from various backgrounds - education, history of art, art and museum - the experts came to united decisions about quality and intensity. They awarded the three prizes to young and experienced artists with a jewellery and sculpture background. Additionally, they awarded one honourable mention to highlight the high standards.

Barbara Schmidt, February 2019



sponsored by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk PLN 10,000
  • A daring interpretation of the competition subject in the form of a mouthpiece instead of a classic piece of jewellery, such as a ring or pendant. A symbolic piece, it refers to the main topic of Kairos and carries a meaning related to the material, highlighting the beauty of amber.

MARTIN RADT, GERMANY for design 343081
sponsored by the International Amber Association 1 kg of amber
  • A moment of brutality and surrealism; the piercing of a piece of amber with a safety pin, where we cannot open the safety pin which also makes it a hidden kinetic moment.

LAURENT BRUNE, GERMANY for design 460781
1 kg of silver
  • Reveals the different colours and different possibilities of amber. Good quality and goldsmithery in the connection between the very different materials: metal and amber.

Honorary mention

Fair catalogue publication

Competition Subject


Recognise the right moment and quickly take a chance! Do not be afraid or hesitate to seize your opportunity! Give wings to your idea and the perfect answer will fall into your hands!

Ancient Pythagoreans thought Kairos to be one of the most fundamental laws of the universe, bringing together its dualistic features. By following them, time offers Kairos quality moments of chance, luck and opportunity. Thus, Kairos dictates that what needs to be said must be said at the right time.

To use Amber to express Kairos is only natural. At the right moment, Kairos was essential to encapsulate the insect, to embed it in time and patiently wait. At the right moment, we discover Amber fully blossomed in the maturity of its remarkable colours.

Amberif invites international jewellery artists to share their ideas about Kairos via their statement pieces. Seize your Kairos, take your chance and do not let the moment pass unused. An international Jury is looking forward to your idea of Kairos.

Barbara Schmidt
curator of the contest