25th International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones
Gdańsk, AMBEREXPO, 21-24 March 2018


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The Conclave necklace, the Sapphire Look ornament and a collection of amber rings from various parts of the world are some of the exhibits on display at the Gdańsk Amber Museum in the 25 Years of Amberif exhibition of award-winning pieces in the Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Competition.

Addressed to the exhibitors and promoting their spectacular achievements, Mercurius Gedanensis has been accompanying AMBERIF since 1995. Its aim is to promote jewellery design that follows the current fashion trends, is impeccably crafted and makes for an interesting export product of the Polish jewellery and amber industry. Awards are presented in two categories: Design—the Grand Prix from Poland’s Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and Workmanship Excellence—the Gold Medal from the President of the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. Since 2015, the Award has been named after Bogdan Mirowski, the late outstanding artist and jeweller, the creator of the Amber Nightinghale statuette for the International Sopot Song Festival and the winner of the first Mercurius for his masterfully executed silver figure of a person reading a book.

The exhibition looks very promising. The visitors will see some 40 exhibits, on loan from private collections, the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny, the PAS Museum of the Earth, the Archaeology Museum in Gdańsk and the Gdańsk Museum. The jewellery items which could not be procured for the exhibition will be shown in a multimedia format. “All the award-winning pieces shown at the exhibition are remarkable, unique and inspiring. They show the enormous possibilities of how amber and other materials can be used in contemporary jewellery. The artists represent various generations, unique professional experience and education backgrounds," says Waldemar Ossowski, Director of the Gdańsk Museum.

The items on display will feature a collection of innovatively shaped rings by Paweł Kaczyński, Poland (2015), made of amber from various parts of the world: Baltic amber, Dominican amber and Sumatran amber, the Conclave necklace by ART7, Poland (2014), made of two textures of amber, the Drop pendant by S&A’s Sławomir Fijałkowski, Poland (2013), which resembles an ancient item of very contemporary appeal, or the Sapphire Look by Jarosław Westermark, Poland (2008), a facial ornament inspired by the shape of eyeglasses with a touch of nostalgia contained in an amber tear.

“The pieces are spectacular in their uniqueness. The artists have recognised the beauty of amber and made every effort to interpret its splendour as skillfully as possible,”
is how the exhibition’s curator Ludmiła Skulbaszewska encourages you to pay a visit. It is an especially good idea to see the exhibition on 5 April. On that day at 5:00 pm, you can have a tour guided by AMBERIF Project Director Ewa Rachoń. This is quite a treat!

25 Years of Amberif, an exhibition
23 March – 2 September 2018

First viewing: 22 March 2018 at 19:00 (for AMBERIF guests and the media)
Organised by: Amber Museum, Branch of the Gdańsk Museum

AMBERIF 2018 | www.amberif.pl
Dates: 21-23 March, 10:00-18:00 | 24 March, 10:00-16:00
Venue: AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, Żaglowa 11, Gdańsk, Poland
Organised by: MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.
Project Director: Ewa Rachoń | ewa.rachon@mtgsa.com.pl | tel. +48 58 55 49 134

Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Pomorskie Voivod, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodship, Mayor of Gdańsk

IAA International Amber Association, Pomeranian Skilled Craft Chamber of SMEs, SRJ Association of Jewellery Experts, STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, KIGB Polish Chamber of Amber Commerce, PTG Polish Electroplating Society, PTGEM Polish Gemmological Society, KGHM Polska Miedź SA