24th International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones

Gdańsk, 22-25 March 2017

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470 exhibitors from the world over, 6,000 trade visitors, exhibition previews, workshops, science seminars, discussion panels and the evening AMBER LOOK trends & styles Amber and Fashion Gala: AMBERIF has drawn to a close.

A multilingual crowd, many-coloured hues of amber and top-class design are the trademarks of AMBERIF. “Over the four days of the show, we had more than 6,000 visitors from 58 countries. The largest groups came from Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, China, UK, Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Finland, USA, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Canada,” AMBERIF Project Director Ewa Rachoń summed up this year’s edition of the event.
AMBERIF is undoubtedly the largest jewellery trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe and the world’s most important amber exhibition. “It is organised with buyers in mind. Both to the exhibitors and to the visitors, it is a unique opportunity to establish new business relationships and strike profitable contracts. Our show also provides an opportunity to find out the latest design trends, technologies and scientific research on amber,” Ewa Rachoń explains.

AMBERIF exhibitors supply amber in surprising colours from the Dominican Republic, Myanmar and Mexico. This time, however, everyone was amazed with the beautiful blue amber from Sumatra. “In UV light, it is incredibly blue. What does it owe this beautiful colour to? It is a difficult question which no one can answer with certainty as yet,” said Prof. Dr hab. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz, a geologist and outstanding amber researcher. As early as on day one of Amberif, a 150 g piece of blue amber from Sumatra was purchased for the collection of the German Amber Museum, Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Amberif helps develop the jewellery market, supports businesses and artisans, but does not leave out artists, realising that it is artistic creativity that stimulates the industry to grow the most intensively. This is why, for seven years now, Amberif has been featuring the launch of TrendBook, important for jewellery designers, by Prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski—lecturer at the Gdańsk Academy of Fine arts who, with a group of students, defines the key design trends to later translate them into designs of amber products.
Several dozen artists present their work at the Amberif Designers’ Gallery. It is mostly they who receive important industry distinctions. This year, the Gallery’s designers included both Marcin Tymiński, winner of the Amberif Design Award, and Jarosław Westermark, whose ring, which organically combined amber with gold leaf, won the Grand Prix of the Bogdan Mirowski Mercurius Gedanensis Competition in the Design Category. The Designers’ Gallery is also dedicated to the young generation of artists: jewellers who take their first, though bold, steps in this profession.
Conceptual and workmanship achievements are presented by art schools, including by the students from the jewellery studios at the Gdańsk and Łodź Academies of Fine Arts. Amberif is also an opportunity to showcase projects delivered by artist organisations, such as Group 9 (Transformation, an exhibition of small artefacts) or the STFZ Association of Jewellery Experts (after-competition collection of pieces which combine silver with wood).

Avant-garde outfits, stunning jewellery, a specially designed stage set—this is what this year’s AMBER LOOK Amber and Fashion Gala looked like. The catwalk at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre featured 13 shows, 80 models and close to 200 original designs. The styles of the collections were remarkably diverse. They included minimalism, inspired by the cultures of the Middle East and Nature; the avant-garde, fit for contemporary urban nomads; colour and extravagance; elegance, including dresses and jewellery designed for Izabela Krzan and Kamila Wenderlich, Polish ladies competing in international beauty contests. The shows organised with the support of the City of Gdańsk to celebrate 25 years of the STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association were an important of the Gala. The invited designers interpreted the notion of Freedom in their collections.

AMBERIF is an opportunity to meet globally renowned experts. One of them, Dr Ulrich Henn—Director of the German Gemmological Association—presented new ways of changing the properties of gemstones and the methods to recognise them. The nearly three-hour-long meeting, based on specific examples and laboratory tests, discussed the techniques of manipulating the colour, lustre and stability of precious and semi-precious stones.
The second highly anticipated speaker was Hui Jiang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing. Her lecture described inclusions in Burmese amber. During her presentation, she showed extensive photographic footage with several dozen prehistoric insects identified so far. She also discussed the recent famous discovery by Prof. Bo Wang (also from the Chinese Academy of Sciences) of the first mummified dinosaur found in Burmese amber, or a piece of its feather-coated tail, to be more precise.

Last but not least, AMBERIF is a time when awards are presented to artists, business people and researchers who contributed to the industry. Paweł Rojewski, Warsaw, was the winner in the Amber Handicraft competition, addressed to goldsmiths and organised by the Pomeranian Craft Chamber of SMEs. The title of the Amber Personality of the Year was awarded to Zoya Kostyashova, born in Belarus, who has worked for almost 40 years at the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. The Amber Sphere, awarded by the students of the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts’ Jewellery Department for the Best Amberif Design, went to Dariusz Zarański, who creates under the New Age Design brand.

The Bogdan Mirowski Mercurius Gedanensis Award and the Amberif Design Award had their presentation ceremony at the AMBER LOOK trends & styles Gala.

The next AMBERIF will be held in a year’s time, 21-24 March 2018; this year, you are welcome to the AMBERMART International Amber Fair, open to the general public, 31 August–2 September 2017.

AMBERIF 2017 |
Venue: AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, Żaglowa 11, Gdańsk, Poland
Organised by: MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.
Project Director: Ewa Rachoń | | tel. +48 58 55 49 134

Polish Ministry of Development, Pomorskie Voivod, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodship, Mayor of Gdańsk

IAA International Amber Association, Pomeranian Skilled Craft Chamber of SMEs, SRJ Association of Jewellery Experts, STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, KIGB Polish Chamber of Amber Commerce, PTG Polish Electroplating Society, PTGEM Polish Gemmological Society, KGHM Polska Miedź SA