24th International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones

Gdańsk, 22-25 March 2017

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AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD—as described by the winners
Periphery was the subject of this year’s edition of the Amberif Design Award (ADA), the International Amber Jewellery Design Competition. The subject was selected by Barbara Schmidt, Director of the Academy of Art and Design Munich, expert on contemporary design and ADA curator since 2015.
“The contest`s theme, Periphery, takes a closer look to the zone between set and free. An overwhelming number of 124 international artists from 25 countries travelled to this undefined area and explored its options and limits. Some of them, when interpreting the notion of periphery, used light as well as the colour and texture of amber in a remarkably original way,” Barbara Schmidt commented on this year’s ADA results. The jury was chaired by Stephen Bottomley, a recognised jewellery designer, Programme Director of Jewellery Programmes at the University of Edinburgh. In his evaluations, he was assisted by four industry-recognised experts: Ramon Puig Cuyas—Head of the Jewellery Department at Escola Massana, Barcelona; Inger Wästberg—collector, expert and promoter of Nordic jewellery; Aleksandra Moskwa—social media marketing expert, enthusiast of new media, technologies and art; Arkadiusz Wolski—artist, designer of functional items, including jewellery.
This year, the international character of the competition was reflected not only by the members of the award committee but also the award-winning artists. The jury selected 16 out of the 124 submitted entries: five from Poland and Italy, two from France and Germany, one from the Czech Republic and one from Iran.
The Main Prize of PLN 10,000, sponsored by the Mayor of Gdańsk, went to Marcin Tymiński, winner of multiple awards at Gdańsk amber fairs.
“Amber is the centrepiece of my work, with the periphery woven out of polymers to create a certain accretion around the nucleus; the periphery is uneven, only now being shaped and slowly formed,” said the ADA winner about his piece.
Tymiński’s ring has been appreciated precisely for its sophisticated mix of materials: Baltic amber, polymer and steel, as well as for the use of natural light which permeates its uneven surface. The jury unanimously chose his work as the one deserving of first place.

The Amber Prize, 1 kg of amber, sponsored by the International Amber Association, went to Annelise Mercier, a French-born jewellery design student at the Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, Florence. The jury described her entry as an example of an intuitive and sensitive handling of the remarkable amber material.
“I have defined periphery with a simple image, several adjoining faces looking towards the centre. The faces are curious but also demand acceptance,” explained the artist.
The Silver Prize, 1 kg of silver sponsored by KGHM Polska Miedź SA, went to Susanne Elstner, an artist who made a necklace out of pieces of charred wood and amber.
“Wood and resin are two materials which we know perfectly well; they are commonly available but not necessarily valued. Resin increases in value when it separates from the tree and disappears underground, i.e. transitions into the periphery. Like charcoal that is formed when wood is burnt, when it loses its natural structure to become coarse and brittle. The necklace brings these two materials together again. It is a symbolic return to the centre, to the starting point,” the artist described her entry.
The jury appreciated the contrast between the organic materials used in the piece, especially their differences in colour. It also recognised that the way the wood was worked suggested an interesting movement in the necklace, highlighted when worn on the body.

The awards were presented to the winners at the AMBER LOOK trends & styles 2017 Gala, organised by MTG SA at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.

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AMBERIF 2017 |
Dates: 22-24 March, 10:00-18:00 | 25 March, 10:00-17:00
Venue: AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, Żaglowa 11, Gdańsk, Poland
Organised by: MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.
Project Director: Ewa Rachoń | | tel. +48 58 55 49 134

Polish Ministry of Development, Pomorskie Voivod, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodship, Mayor of Gdańsk

SRJ Association of Jewellery Experts, IAA International Amber Association, Pomeranian Skilled Craft Chamber of SMEs, STFZ Goldsmithing Artists’ Association, KIGB Polish Chamber of Amber Commerce, PTG Polish Electroplating Society, PTGEM Polish Gemmological Society, KGHM Polska Miedź SA