Baltic Amber in the Kaleidoscope of Time

seminar programme

Seminar „Baltic amber in the kaleidoscope of time” (pdf)

    18th March 2016
    10.00-10.10 Opening
    10.10-10.35 B. KOSMOWSKA-CERANOWICZ, E.WAGNER-WYSIECKA : Physicochemical studies on Baltic amber in Gdańsk—yesterday and today
    10.35-11.00 E. TEODOR: Qvo vadis? Current trends and challenges in succinite and other fossil resins (romanite) studies
    11.00-11.25 A. MAŁKA: Baltic amber deposits and mining in the region of Gdańsk and Pomerania in the historical aspect
    11.25-11.50 A. SOBECKA: From souvenirs to works of art—the evolution of amber artefacts in the 20th century to the present day (with special focus on the role of Gdańsk)
    11.50-12.15 M. KOSIOR: The 20th Anniversary of the International Amber Association: the beginnings and current areas of activity
    Short contributions
    12.15-12.25 A. MATUSZEWSKA: An outline of the history of research on succinic acid in Baltic amber
    12.25-12.35 I. KACZMARCZYK: Baltic amber in medicine—research on the biological activity of amber
    12.35-12.45 M. GUŠTIN: Novo Mesto/Slovenia archaeological paradise and amber destination 2017
    12.45-13.00 Final discussions and closure