Dear sirs,

We cordially invite you to exhibit at the fair - registration.

Below are the most important organizational information related to Amberif 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and implemented safety rules, the traffic organization in the AMBEREXPO building is being changed. Entry only through the foyer of hall C - entrance C1, one-way traffic is obligatory. Exit via C2 only. Please pay attention to the marking at the fair.

Conditions for entering the fair:
• Entry pass printed and verified by the staff
• Receiving a hologram
• Verified identity


With printed entry pass you must go to the fair reception and show your ID/passport.

25 August 2020 (set up day) 08:00 – 21:00 hrs.

26-29 August 2020 (fair days)

26 August 2020 08:00–19:00 hrs
27 August 2020 09:00–19:00 hrs
28 August 2020 09:00–19:00 hrs
29 August 2020 09:00–22:00 hrs


(applies solely to ordered space without stand system)

Stand assembly
22-25 August 2020 08:00–21:00 hrs

External stand contractors must have INSTALLATION SERVICE entry passes printed on their own.

External stand contractors should report to the hall manager to verify identity and receive a hologram:
• 22-24.08.2020 – from the hall manager
• 25.08.2020 – at the delivery entry gate or Lobby B

The setup work can start after paying a PLN 500 deposit (as per the Terms and Conditions of Providing Exhibition Space, item 4.3).
Information on the payment of the deposit (amount, account number) can be found in the Exhibitor’s profile. A direct link to the payment will be sent to you by e-mail

The external stand contractors can use the paid parking P6 (AMBEREXPO), after having paid the fee in the parking meter.


August 29 2020 16:00–22:00 hrs
August 30 2020 08:00–16:00 hrs

Important! Access to the fairgrounds for stand construction firms and vehicles on August 29, 2020 is possible no earlier than at 16:30